Tuesday, June 9, 2015

This 'N That

Nothing much to report this morning. We had a larger than normal crowd at Book Club last evening and a lively discussion about the book. Five gave it a 5 star rating and one was kind of on the fence. She didn't enjoy it as much as everyone else, although she did still like the book.

The book for next month is Juror 1389: Dorsie Raines Renninger by G.T. Trickle. It's a fictional account of a juror during the Casey Anthony trial.
I haven't started it yet, but it sounds like a good read to me. Especially since I work in the court system.
I had my post almost finished when the electricity went off and then came back on....as I was saying....I wanted to post this pic taken by granddaughter while visiting Sonny Boy in Tennessee. She was obviously thinking outside the box. Love this!
...and my favorite picture of Sonny Boy's kite.

Happy Tuesday!

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