Saturday, June 20, 2015


I'm hoping for a day with no rain. I just checked the radar and I don't see any green, so I'm heading out to Lincoln Log Cabin with both dogs to take a walk. I've never tried both dogs before so we will see how that goes. I bought a coupler to attach both dogs to one leash. Supposedly they won't get tangled up. We'll see! 
I don't have any new pics, so here is another view of the dragonfly I posted yesterday.
This is a juvenile Red-winged blackbird in Bro O's yard.
And this is the 2014 Photo Book. It came last week and was defective. I emailed and sent this pic. They have shipped a replacement copy!

More flowers from Lincoln Log Cabin.

No idea what they are.

Well, I'm off with the pups!

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