Monday, June 22, 2015

The Hummers are Humming

Last year I saw the Hummingbirds occasionally appear at our feeder, but this year there are several. The difference is, in years past I have bought the Hummingbird mix at the store. This year I made my own—4 parts water to 1 part sugar. I boiled the water, added sugar, and let it cool. They seem to like the homemade variety much better. 

So, yesterday I parked a stool next to the front porch screen, propped it open with my foot and waited for the awe inspiring hummers to appear. 
Tired of waiting, I finally decided my only hope for a picture was this yellow jacket.
And then Mr. Hummer made an appearance, well, sort of. Notice him peeking from the back? I thought there would be a bird and bee fight, but no such luck. So I waited some more.
It wasn't long  until the Mrs flew up.
They are amazing creatures.

Not being as familiar with this camera as my other one, I struggled to get a good shot. So, what did I do. Well conducted a search on youtube, of course. And I found a series of tutorials by some guy in South Africa. I now have a bird setting under C1. 

Next time I have enough time to be patient and sit around waiting for a Hummingbird, I will give it a try again. For today, I'm off to work!

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