Saturday, June 6, 2015

Great Egret

Yesterday was a day off for me, but Hubs had to work, so I decided to go to Charleston Lake to see if I could find something to take a picture of.
 The water wasn't high. We haven't had as much rain as Texas or this would have been a noisy place to stand. I enjoyed the nice, peaceful sound of the water flowing over the dam. But I didn't see any waterfowl. I was a bit disappointed until I drove down to make the u-turn necessary to head back home.
 Through a break in the trees I spotted a Great Egret way out in the middle of the lake.

Wish I could have gotten a better shot. He was a beauty!

I think I'll take Findley for a walk at Lincoln Log Cabin today. I got a huge back seat cover so I could take Fergus (who gets car sick sometimes) but his halter had to be removed because it was too tight.  So he has to stay home until we can get one that fits him. He is too large for a medium and too small for a large. 

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