Friday, June 19, 2015

Small Town Fun

Rain, rain go away come again another day. Preferably after the ground dries out enough for us to weed the garden. 
We got it tilled before the last series of rain showers, but didn't get the weeds pulled around the plants. This is a squash plant. 
On the way to the garden, we saw this lady standing on the far side of a soybean field. We haven't been seeing many deer, so this was a nice surprise.
While Hubs talked to O, I wandered down by the pond and chased this Skimmer around. It was windy, which doesn't allow for sharp pics. He was waving around in the wind. Don't you think he looks like one of the characters from the movie Cars?

My Oriental Lilies are in full bloom. They reside next to the fence by the storage shed. It's really shady there, so they grow taller than they normally would.
And then I took Findley for a walk over by The Rez.
Nice evening.

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