Sunday, June 28, 2015

Freedom Day

Yesterday is what our small town has named Freedom Day. It's the day we have our fireworks and festivities. The Kiwanis pronto pup stand is opened up for business. They serve the best pronto pups I've ever tasted. Since I'm on my 'be healthy' kick, I didn't have one this year. Usually Tex, Critter, and the young ones come, but this year the Critter side of the family had plans too, so I got Tex and Ad Schmad Addie. I didn't take pics of the fireworks. Instead this year I decided to just relax and enjoy them.

My guests came early, with their new pup Eevie (I'm told by Ad this is the correct spelling). Eevie is a girl. My two pups are boys. Even though, they didn't like each other, so it was a day of trying to avoid a dog fight. Mostly between Eevie and Findley. Fergus seemed to like her alright, but she growled at him.

So, we took 2 cars—loaded up the dogs—and went to Lincoln Log Cabin Historical Site for a walk.
Meet Eevie. According to the facility where she was adopted, she is part german shephard and part collie.
Fergus and Findley taking the lead.
No luck finding birds, but did get a shot of a Red Admiral sharing a flower with a Bumble Bee. 
This Red-spotted Purple didn't seem to mind waiting around for me to take a photo. 
This is a stray cat stopping by to visit Bro O.
Tex taking Ad to show him the 'dirt hill'. Which, by the way, is no longer dirt but covered in trees.
And my favorite shot of the day, a deer watching us from on top of the hill as we were heading back to my house.

In case you are unaware, you can click on the pictures to make them larger.

Happy Sunday!

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