Saturday, June 27, 2015

On the Way

On the way to Bro O's last evening I stopped by
the covered bridge to see if any critters were out and about. It looked a lot like a gully washer was on the way.
 I saw this red-winged blackbird over in the trees next to the fence, so I took a shot—and then he flew. I thought he was gone for good, but then he landed...
...on a sign closer to my camera.
No other critters were about, so I drove on toward O's. There is an old oak tree that I always love seeing. It is larger than it looks in this picture. I liked the tractor in the background.
The wheat has now been harvested.
On down and around a curve I saw these tiger lilies along the ditch. Sure did look like rain.
Closer view. Pretty!
The creek was up and flowing. Reminded me of the days when the road had a concrete ford, before the bridge was built. The road would have been impassable. 
Kelly Paul's lane. It's growing up with grass and hardly looks like a road anymore.
Parked in the driveway at Bro O's house I saw this Eastern Phoebe land on a dead branch. He paused long enough for this shot and then took off for parts unknown.

Bro O showed me a lot of letters from Uncle O when he was in the army during WWII. He also had his dog tag, which looked to be damaged by the morter fire that killed him. Extremely moving...

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