Thursday, June 11, 2015

Kermit and the Mrs

Last night was gardening night. Hubs forgot cucumber plants, so he bought some. We planted them last night. Afterward, we stood outside talking to Bro O and D. It wasn't long until O pointed out a photo op in their fish pond.
He was hanging out under a drain pipe on the far side of the fish pond, which is only about 6 feet across. I started taking pictures from about 35 feet away and kept shooting while inching forward,   until I got to the edge of the pond. He didn't move. Perhaps he thought he was invisible.

After about 101 clicks, I decided I had enough shots of Kermit and went back over to join the discussion.

It wasn't long before Bro O noticed a friend had come to visit Kermit. So, I started my long walk back to the pond.
Sure enough, now there were two. I decided it was the Mrs.

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