Thursday, June 4, 2015

Garden Birds

So Hubs went down to get the garden planted yesterday afternoon while I worked. After work I let the pups out to play while I packed the cooler with water. Hubs didn't take any with him and it was a hot day at the garden.
 Hubs had all the plants and most of the seeds in the ground before I got there. They were even caged to keep the critters out. 

So, of course, I got the camera out and started looking for birds.
 Right away I spotted this Brown Thrasher with a worm in her, or possibly his, beak. The female looks the same as the male so who knows which this is.
I sneaked around trying to get a picture of a red bird that O and I thought might be a Scarlett Tanager, but when it finally did stop in the tippy top of an old tree, low and behold! it was a Cardinale. Color me disappointed.
The Thrasher came back and searched the ground until it came up with another juicy morsel. Must have a nest full of hungry babies somewhere near. 
And later, there she was again!
I'm always chasing Barn Swallows, but they never seem to stop. This one must have a nest in Bro O's equipment shed. He did stop momentarily. Long enough for my camera to focus on the wooden beam. Before he took off. The Swallow is a bit fuzzy, but the best I've been able to capture.

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