Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Brain Wash Antidote

My Rez walk was unproductive yesterday. Nary a goose or a duck!
So I don't have any new pics to post. Instead I will post a pic of my birthday present from The Judge.
In case you can't quite read it, it says Zombie Brain Juice. It's sodasgusting and totally gross soda. It says so on the bottle. The fact that it is strawberry orange flavored makes me a believer. Yuck!
I'm not quite sure when this tradition started, but the first was the Dang Root Beer, followed by SoDuh! Then Brain Wash which came after I had been sick last December. This year for my birthday I got the Zombie Brain Juice. Ostensibly to remove the effects of the Brain Wash. 

I keep them as desk decorations. Although that Dang! Root Beer did look pretty tasty at the time...

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