Sunday, May 31, 2015

Assorted Birds

This morning I saved a baby bird from certain death. I let Findley out first thing and as I waited for him to finish his business, I saw him smelling something in the grass and then jumping back. I thought he had unearthed a toad or something. When I went out to check, I saw a baby sparrow trying to hide. I picked him up and put him down on the other side of the fence where the dogs couldn't get him. Sadly, I didn't have my camera with me, so I'll post a sparrow pic I took yesterday.
As I pulled in the drive after a trip to the grocery store, I saw this very noisy sparrow sitting on top of the birdhouse. Pic taken out my car window.
As I took pictures of the sparrow, this Mourning Dove flew over my car and landed in the tree above me...
...and then flew onto the roof of the shed so he could see me better. He was backlit by the sun, so he is a little hard to see. They are beautiful birds.
Bet you thought I wasn't going to post a goose today. Wrong!

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