Sunday, May 17, 2015

Hamburger Quest

Yesterday I wanted to make a pot of cabbage stew, which sounds awful, but in reality is really tasty. However, I needed 2 pounds of hamburger and I only had one pound. So, I got ready to go to the store. We only have one grocery store in this town and sadly, it is on the town square—where our Spring Festival parade was in progress. No way to get there, but even if I was lucky enough to find a route in, the parking lot would be full. So, I decided to go to the grocery store in Greenup. On the way, I decided to extend my journey to Casey.  

Route 40 was closed to through traffic, so hopped on I-70. During the quick 10 minute ride I thought about pictures and remembered there was a nice pond at the park in Casey. I stopped at McDonald's and ordered up a large ice cold tea and headed for Fairview Park. I wasn't disappointed.
 As I crossed the bridge, I saw this American Coot...
 ...and this goose. Usually the geese are paired up, but this one was all alone. Perhaps mama goose was off somewhere with the babies.
 I did go to the IGA and purchased a pound of hamburger. On the way home, I took a country road. I saw this rooster standing alongside the road, but by the time I stopped and raised my camera, he was making a hasty exit.
 These are wildflowers growing in the ditch...
 ...and these are gladiolas growing in another ditch. Must have been a house there at one time, but it's a field now.
 When I hit the village limits, I decided to drive by The Rez to see if Mr. Heron and the Goose family were out and about. Mr. and Mrs. Goose and baby were busy having a snack of sorts. As I took pictures, Mr. Heron flew in for a landing. About a second after he settled in, a very loud motorcycle decided to tour by The Rez which, of course, scared Mr. Heron away. 
On the way out I saw this blackberry bush in full bloom. Reminded me of all those scratches I got from the briars while berry picking as a kid. Not a big fan of berry picking!

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