Friday, May 15, 2015

Look Closely and You Shall See

A Green Clearwing Dragonfly camouflaged amongst the leaves.
If I hadn't seen him flying toward this tree, I wouldn't have seen him. 

I decided this fella is a Green Clearwing, but in all honesty, he could be a Green Damsel. I have trouble telling them apart.

The Spring Festival kicked off today. Every year I'm asked to sell tickets in the ticket booth and each year I try to think of an excuse but can't come up with one, so here I am waiting for the kids to show up and beg for their parents to buy overpriced tickets. At least it didn't rain on opening day this year. This is my view through the ticket booth window.
The farmers have been out in the fields, farming, getting the crops planted—where does all that dust go? It is busy settling on my furniture.
I don't know what kind of flower this is. Bob planted it by the back steps last year, but it didn't bloom and even turned brown. We thought it had died until this spring when it popped up and started blooming. It is a climber and will look nice against the back railing. I'm happy we didn't pull it up last fall.

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