Saturday, May 9, 2015

Saturday at the Rez

Saturday morning is a good time to drive over to The Rez when looking for a blue heron, ducks, and geese. Monday through Friday the city workers gather to have coffee before work, which scares the critters away. 

Early Saturday it is quiet. As it was this morning.When I pulled up, Mr. Blue Heron saw me and took off never to be seen again—at least while I was there. However, I do have a picture of him from yesterday before the coffee klatch showed up.

This morning I was lucky to find a family of Blue-Winged Teal ducks. Mama and her babies were enjoying a morning swim.

 To the far west, there is stagnate area of The Rez. Good for nesting. I often see geese there, but haven't this year.

 It's a good place for Pop Blue-Winged Teal to have some alone time.

 I'm hoping the rain holds off so I can take my camera out later, but we are supposed to have rain in the afternoon.

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