Saturday, May 30, 2015

Garden? What Garden!

On my way to work yesterday, I drove by to check on the geese. Lucky me! 
Not only was mom, pop, and baby swimming closer to my side of The Rez...
...there was one...

 ...nope, make that 2 geese visitors. And this one was honking loudly. Perhaps he was warning the others of my approach.

Baby Goose is getting bigger!


Last evening, we decided to try to get our garden started. We have tomato plants that need set out and seeds that should be in the ground. So after supper, we loaded up the truck and headed down to Bro O's. 
His catalpa tree is in full bloom—pretty. However, the sky was turning darker and darker. As we prepared to unload the truck, O checked his weather app. Rain was imminent. So, we didn't unload the truck, opting to go home and see if we could find a movie to watch.  Guess we will have to try, try, again!

On the way home, we saw a wild turkey—way up ahead on the road leaving Bro O's house. He was at the top of the hill near where Sonny Bri's old rusty car is stored. 
Took this shot through the truck's dirty windshield.  As soon as the camera clicked, he flew up into a tall tree where we couldn't see him anymore.

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