Sunday, May 24, 2015

Flowers and a Cow

Saturday night, I met up with Bro O and D. Bro has been remodeling a house in Palestine, so we drove down to see it. He still has lots of work to do, but it is much improved from its original state. 

I didn't get to take any pictures. We saw a hawk, a deer, and several other birds, but I wasn't driving and didn't want to ask them to stop. We drove the back roads through Annapolis and Hog Town. I don't know where Hog Town got its name, but fortunately for those who live there, their mailing address is Casey, not Hog Town. Can you imagine writing your return address on an envelope...Hog Town, Illinois. Nope! Wouldn't move there. It has one house and about 5 mobile homes, so not much to see in Hog Town.

We ate dinner at a restaurant in Robinson. The food was awful, so I won't mention the name. 

It was too dark for pics by the time we got home, so no photos. I hope to get out sometime today. For now I will post a couple gladiolas found in a ditch last weekend.

Those are the flowers...
...this is the cow.

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