Wednesday, May 13, 2015

It's a Bird, It's a Plane....

Nope, it's a bird! On the way to work yesterday, I drove by The Rez to see if there were any critters wanting their pictures taken. Sadly, there were none. I did see a barn swallow flitting about, so decided to park and see if he would stop. This is not likely since they don't pause long, but on the off chance this one tired, I would be ready. Of course he didn't ever stop. But, as I was sitting there, I saw something big fly by in front of me. 
I pointed my camera and got this shot as Mr. Heron landed. He was in the murky water on the other side of the dam.
 After looking around, and while keeping an eye on me, he slowly headed toward The Rez.
Up and over the dam...
...and into the clear water on the other side.
He actually did catch and swallow a fish, but the shot was blurred. I could have stayed and watched Mr. Heron all day, but sadly had to go to work. 

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