Monday, July 27, 2015

Sunday Morning Walk

Findley and I took off for our morning walk at about 8:30 Sunday morning. It was a nice morning for a walk, overcast but cooler than it would be later in the day.
We walked up to the courthouse and around the square.
Lots of progress on the new Physician's Clinic. I miss the old buildings that were once there. I got my treasured Choo Choo bag at the old store on the corner and we had a meal and gathering in the VFW Hall after my Grandma Burton passed away. But those buildings have been torn down to make way for this new building.
This is the old IGA store where my mom always bought groceries. When I was first married, I bought some hamburger here for 10 cents a pound. The store name is almost faded away, but I can still make out the words. Stuart's IGA Store.
We stopped so I could take another picture of the courthouse. Findley has finally gotten used to my frequent stops and now sits quietly, waiting until I'm ready to move on.
This grate has been in this same spot for as long as I can remember. Across the street was Kelly's Store where Bro O and I once bought baseball cards. The bubble gum was horribly brittle and stale, but the cards were awesome. I don't know where they went, probably burned with the trash. Too bad. Some would be valuable today.
We walked by home on our way to The Rez and admired our flowers...
 ...and our Hyacinth Beans. 
They are in full bloom and will soon cover the railing.
We walked to the far side of The Rez. The ducks were out. The juveniles are looking more like adults these days. By the time we started our loop around the road it started sprinkling rain. And then it stopped, so we continued on with the last loop. And then it started pouring!
Findley and I waited out the downpour under the shelter of one of the pavillions. 30 minutes later the rain died down to a nice soft rain, so we walked on home. We were still drenched!

Happy Monday!

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