Sunday, July 19, 2015

Dragonfly Day

Over the past few weeks I have collected a few
dragonfly poses. These are a few.
Swift Long-winged Skimmer. Odd stance don't you think? Found at The Rez.
Brown-spotted Yellow-wing. In Bro O's garden.
Widow Skimmer. Taken at Bro O's pond.
Another view of a somewhat different Widow Skimmer. He looks different than the other Widow Skimmer, but according to Insect Identification and my Insect book, that's what it is. Taken at The Rez. I followed him around for quite some time, while Findley complained. He always seemed to land down in the weeds where I couldn't get a clear shot.
Green Clearwing, which I've posted before but had to include in this group.

Happy Sunday!