Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Squirrel Squirrel, Frog or Toad?

It was way too hot and humid for walking last evening. The air was so thick it was hard to breath. Besides, last night was book club night. For this month we read Juror 1389: Dorsie Raines Renninger by G.T. Trickle. I gave it one star everyone else was more generous and gave it three stars. In the book there was a vandalism and a doll mailed to the protagonist, but the author failed to tell us who the perpetrator was! Not acceptable! There should have been resolution. Plus it was all over the place, too many people and too much jumping from one idea to another. 

Enough of that! Onward...
The camouflaged squirrel.

Munching squirrel.
And another of those cute squirrels. 
Toad or Frog? I'm guessing toad. Hubs thinks its a frog. What do you think? Whatever it is, it stops Findley every time we pass him on our walk around The Rez. He stops to smell the toad and I keep walking. He sniffs until I get far enough ahead that his leash will become taunt and then runs to take the lead again. Must be really ripe by now. Yuck!
The Rez.

Happy Tuesday!

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